Strozzi Enamel Shield Necklace

"Seize the Night!"

The Strozzi family was among the wealthiest and most prominent in Florence during the Renaissance. They played an important role in city life and were generous patrons of the arts. They competed fiercely with the Medici in both banking and politics. The three crescent moons on the Strozzi coat-of-arms symbolize the aspiration to good fortune. The back of the shield is inscribed with the Latin term “Carpe Noctem” or “Seize the Night.”

Solid sterling silver with a 14k gold or Rhodium finish.

Shield is infused with handcrafted infill enamel.

Made in the USA

Necklace with Chain - (Rolo Chain)

Chain Length: 18” 

Charm Size : 25.4mm - 1" High,  22.2mm - 0.87" Wide