Quality and Care

All Florin Arte pieces are made with the highest quality silver, pearls, and enamel. Our rhodium and 14k gold coatings promise a never-tarnish, bright and long lasting shine.

Our 14k finish features 20-25 mils of 14k gold over solid sterling silver. Rhodium is a brilliant silver coating from the platinum family that costs more than gold. It contrasts with our oxidized silver pieces, which show maximum detail and relief in the designs. An oxidized finish protects the silver and maintains its qualities with proper care.

To care for the jewelry, clean it with a little water, rinsing well and drying thoroughly. Gently polish your item with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid over polishing the oxidized pieces, as excessive polishing can remove the oxidized finish. Make sure to avoid using any liquid jewelry cleansers or polishing cloths containing chemicals, which can cause the plating to wear off more quickly. Avoid contact with chlorine. Recommend applying makeup, perfume and hairspray before putting on jewelry.