Lion Mini Dog Tag Charm


Lions have symbolized strength throughout the ages. The inspiration for the Lion Mini Dog Tag Necklace is the Marzocco Lion which represented the free Republic of Florence. Florence chose the lion because it was more powerful than the eagle, the symbol of imperial power and their rival Pisa.  The Lion Mini Dog Tag channels our inner strength and emboldens our courage to blaze our own path. This design is one of our most popular unisex pieces.

On the back, the Latin inscription “Viribus” is translated as “Strength”

Solid sterling silver with an Oxidized 14k Gold, 14k Gold, or Oxidized Silver finish.

7mm Jump Ring - can be slid onto a chain or paired with our Loop Charm Chains.

Charm Size:  25mm - 1” High, 16mm - 0.6" Wide

Made in the USA