Crescent Moon Enamel Cuff

"Seize the Night"

The Celestial Beings collection represents expressions of the heavens in history, art, and architecture. The influence of these depictions has endured for millennia from the great religions of the world to popular culture. In certain periods, depictions of the divine were considered the only proper subjects for artistic expression.

.925 Solid Sterling Silver - 14K Gold Finish or Oxidized Silver Finish - Black Enamel

Double wire cuff with a crescent moon design.  The moon is crafted with graduated ball detailing around the edges and infused with handcrafted infill enamel.  Engraved Fleur Del Lis Branding on the inside of the cuff.

Made in the USA

Width: 1/2" - 12.7mm
Diameter: 2.5"
Circumference: 7.8"
1" - 25.4mm Cuff Opening
The cuff can be slightly adjusted for size using a gentle hand.