Santa Maria Novella Sun Enamel Shield Charm

"Light of Love"

The sun is the brightest of all stars, making it a symbol of power, energy, and life.  The sun enables all things to thrive and grow and gives guidance through it's light. 

This historical depiction decorates the facade of one of the most beautiful and important churches in Florence, the Santa Maria Novella. The sun is the emblem of the Dominican Order of Friars, who began construction of the church in 1278.  The now world famous exterior was completed in 1470, with the sun as one of three symbols emblazoned upon the facade in honor of the church's founders.  

Inscribed on the back of the enamel shield is the Latin word “Amoris Lux” translated as “Light of Love.”

Solid sterling silver with a 14k gold finish or Oxidized silver finish.

Medallion is infused with handcrafted infill enamel.

Made in the USA

Charm Only

Charm Size: 20mm - 0.79" in Diameter.