Cherub Pearl Lavalier Necklace

A lavalier consists of a pendant centered from a necklace. This style of necklace was popularized by the Duchesse de la Valliere, a mistress of King Louis XIV of France. Cherubs have a rich and diverse history and numerous roles. This cherub is portrayed as an angelic creature with wings. Throughout history, cherubs have represented gate-keepers, messengers, attendants, and representatives of the divine.The Florin coin first appeared in the 13th century and famously financed some of history’s greatest art.  Pearls are associated with purity, innocence, and faith and are said to attract prosperity.

Solid sterling silver with a 14k or oxidized finish. Genuine pearls.

Made in the USA.

Length: 24”  Drop: 4”

Wired Pearls

Lobster Clasp