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I have always loved the Lion’s of Florence and knew that I wanted to do something design-wise with them someday. When I decided to create Florin Arte Jewelry, one of the sketches that I made was a Lion’s profile - I wanted to capture the strength of the gaze coupled with the beautiful mane. I also love the Greek Key and have used it in several place in my jewelry. Symbolizing “Strength” the Lion Key is one of my favorite pieces!

The Medici Family of Florence had two lions adorn the Villa Medici in the 16th Century. The Medici Lion is wonderful and I use it as a model for a different piece, but the inspiration for the Lion Key Necklace is the Marzocco Lion which represented the free Republic of Florence. Florence chose the lion because it was more powerful than the eagle, the symbol of imperial power and their rival Pisa.

The Marzocco Lion

The Medici Lion

My Sketch of the Lion Key 


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